Minimal Intervention

Robina Dental Group practises dentistry utilising the principles of Minimum Intervention. Minimal Intervention Dentistry is a modern dental practice designed around the principal aim of preservation of as much of the natural tooth structure as possible.

Once the dental drill touches the tooth the `tooth death cycle’ commences. Nothing a dentist does lasts forever and slowly the tooth becomes more heavily filled as time goes on and fillings need replacement. Ultimately tooth loss is the result of this cycle. Performing excellent and high quality dentistry certainly slows this process as does patient education and ideal oral health behaviour.

The approach of minimal intervention dentistry is centred on management of the dental caries disease responsible for tooth decay, first by controlling and curing the disease, then restoring the tooth, filling only where necessary, and finally prevention from future decay. It is intended to be a complete management solution for tooth decay.


At Robina Dental Group we know that prevention is better than cure. That’s why we firmly believe and espouse the philosophy of Minimal Intervention and advocate regular check-up and clean appointments in order to maintain health, prevent disease and diagnose oral health problems early. Unfortunately most common oral health issues only become more extensive and costly the longer they are left unattended to – sometimes resulting in tooth loss! That’s why it is important to have your teeth and gums checked regularly and will end up saving you money in the long term.

We always recommend the use of a fluoride containing toothpaste for all patients.

Digital Radiographs (X-rays)

Digital radiographs are one of the most wonderful advances in dental technology! The clarity and size of the images enhances clinical diagnosis of dental problems. The amount of radiation is reduced up to 70% – so our patients benefit from this! 

  • Immediate viewing of the imaged area with significantly less radiation exposure for the patient

  • Better visualization of the area due to your doctor being able to digitally enhance the image on the computer screen

  • No processing chemicals or film are needed to view the image resulting in a more environmentally friendly situation

Digital X-Ray & CT Scans

Utilising up to one third of the radiation required for traditional film radiography, digital technology also allows for faster image processing, shortening the duration of your time spent in the chair as well as offering the increased safety benefits associated with decreased radiation exposure.

Sidexis 4

We’re now able to provide full mouth scans in house to assess for Implants, Wisdom Teeth, Orthodontics, Airway Issues just to list a few.

Metal Free Dentistry

The state-of-the-art techniques and materials used at Robina Dental Group enable you to be treated safely and effectively without the use of metals, including dental amalgam. Porcelain and composite resin can now be readily bonded to tooth structure to give you a long-lasting, aesthetic dental restoration.

Amalgam removal can be performed utilising a rubber dam which acts as a barrier between you and the mercury containing amalgam and prevents its ingestion.

Metal free dentures can now also be made to replace missing teeth, without the worry of metal wires wearing on teeth over time.


It is one of our primary aims to make our patients feels as comfortable as possible whilst at Robina Dental Group and we strive to make your dental experience enjoyable and rewarding. We find it fantastic ourselves when someone who began their treatment anxious leaves feeling relaxed and with a sense of accomplishment. So often we hear the comment “That was so much easier than what I expected!”


Nitrous Oxide Sedation or Relative Analgesia (Happy Gas, Laughing Gas)

At Robina Dental Group we are able to offer the comfort and convenience of Nitrous Oxide sedation or Relative Analgesia for anxious patients. Nitrous Oxide enables patients who are worried about treatment to completely relax whilst in the chair. Properly administered, it is a comfortable and safe treatment modality which wears off rapidly following the appointment. Patients making use of this facility are able to drive themselves home safely.


Premedication (Valium)

For those extremely anxious clients, the dentist can assess and prescribe an appropriate oral sedative to be taken prior to their appointment.

Please note that patients undertaking this type of sedation need to be accompanied to and from the practice and are not permitted to drive nor should they operate machinery or consume alcohol.


General Anaesthesia

For those patients however that are extreme dental phobics for whom other methods of sedation are not enough there is always the option of having your treatment performed whilst asleep under a general anaesthetic. Treatment is performed in an accredited day surgery and patients treated in the morning are usually home by lunch time recuperating in the comfort of their own home. Overall costs are higher for this treatment modality considering the fees of the anaesthetist and theatre time.


Children & Special Needs

Whether you are bringing your child in for their first ever visit to the dentist or for their regular check-up, you can be assured that your child will receive first class treatment.

Our aim is to make every child’s dental visit as enjoyable as possible. The highly skilled and experienced staff at Robina Dental Group will ensure your child leaves with a smile on his or her face.

Our clinicians adopt a ‘Tell, Show, Do’ approach which encourages par ticipation by the child in their dental treatment. Intra-oral photographs highlight to the child what is happening in their mouth and reinforce to the child their responsibility in helping to correct any problem that might exist. Desensitisation, sibling modelling, behaviour shaping and positive reinforcement are other techniques employed to cooperatively manage your child’s treatment.

Clinicians are highly trained in the early detection of conditions which may need early intervention, such as genetically missing teeth, orthodontic problems or malformed teeth and even extra teeth.

Anxiety is a common challenge for young dental patients and the staff at Robina Dental Group are equipped with a range of treatment options designed to alleviate your child’s fear. Happy gas is very well received by children but for those a little more worried, pre-medication with a mild sedative may be the answer. For extreme cases a general anesthetic can quickly be arranged by our friendly staff.


Dental Trauma

In any case of dental trauma, time is of the essence and treatment must be sought as soon as possible to maximise the chances of successful treatment and retention of teeth. Telephone the surgery immediately and come straight in should your child or any member of the family suffer a dental injury.


Special Needs Dentistry

Robina Dental Group is well equipped to treat patients with special needs. The staff have special experience with patients with a wide range of conditions including autism, Asperger’s syndrome and ADHD as well as physically impaired patients. With wheelchair accessibility to the building and our surgeries, no patient need not receive quality dental care.

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